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Questions and Notices of Motion to Northern Beaches Council
279/21 Sporting Achievements - Tom Trbojevic, Audrey Little, Chelsea Mann.
  Urgent need for safety works to Wakehurst Parkway and Mona Vale Road.
23/2021 Pedestrian Safety - Dee Why Public School.
21/2021 Update on Narrabeen Lagoon Opening Strategy.
20/2021 Council’s contract with Skidata Pty Ltd and no tender process.
16/2021 Capital works to be undertaken - Ingleside.
15/2021 Capital Works to be undertaken in Oxford Falls.
14/2021 Collaroy/Collaroy Basin and Long Reef - Capital Works to be undertaken.
13/2021 Budget allocated for capital works in Collaroy Plateau.
12/2021 Council staff proposed shared path Abbott Road, North Curl Curl.
12/2021 Wheeler Height - funds allocated for capital works.
11/2021 Narrabeen / North Narrabeen - Capital Works to be undertaken.
11/2021 Ratepayers expenditure on Council’s car fleet.
10/2021 Cromer / Cromer Heights - Capital Works to be undertaken.
09/2021 Warriewood - Capital Works to be undertaken.
08/2021 Elanora Heights - Capital Works to be undertaken.
28/2021 Ausgrid inappropriate pruning of trees leaving them unstable.
07/2021 URM Pick Up Times
05/2021 Wheeler Heights - Aged and Disabled and Seniors Living developments.


04/2021 Mayor Michael Regan’s use of Council staff as chauffeurs.
03/2021 Trailers and boats parked on residential streets.
  Suicide Prevention and Avalon Youth Hub
255/20 Matter of Urgency - Suicide Prevention On The Northern Beaches.
20/2020 Financial response to Covid-19 pandemic impacts.
19/2020 Rate reductions and staff - Response to Covid-19 (Minutes).
19/2020 Rate reductions and staff - Response to Covid-19.
17/2020 Assistance to Northern Beaches community, charity and sporting organisations.
01/2020 Response: Risk assessment of trees and bushes on the Northern Beaches.
04/202 Risk assessment of trees and bushes on the Northern Beaches.
56/2019 The Dunny Door Campaign.
55/2019 5G on the Northern Beaches.
48/2019 Recognition for netball and community contribution.

Question on Notice - Risk Assessment of Trees and Bushes on the Northern Beaches in relation to bushfire and falling due to storms.

  Notice of Motion - Undergrounding of power lines and cables.
  Notice of Motion - Urgent need for safety works to Wakehurst Parkway and Mona Vale Road.
58/2019 Honouring State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service
56/2019 The Dunny Door Campaign
55/2019 5G on the Northern Beaches
21/2019 Defects in new bins.
20/2019 Response: Additional rubbish collections over Christmas/New Year period
19/2019 Response: Bulky Goods Collection
15/2019 Car parking strategies for Collaroy, Dee Why and Narrabeen
14/2019 Response: Camper Vans Camping in Residential Streets
13/2019 Response: Revenue From Fines
03/2019 Response: Cost of new organisational structure.
01/2019 Response: Expenditure of the Esplanade, Manly.
15/2018 Response: Fines Issued by Council
23/2019 Response: Collection of bins.
Renaming of Dee Why Rock Pool The Isla Wye MBE OAM Pool.
Expenditure On Legal Matters.
Fines Issued By Council.
Mobile Phone Radiocommunications Infrastructure.
Collaroy Clearways No Way.
Expenditure on Logo Change and Implementation (response).
08/2018 Dee Why - 131 Car Space Deficiency.
07/2018 Public benefit justification for height increases in Dee Why Town Centre.
2017/498122 Fees for schools and sports groups to use sportsgrounds.
Expenditure on Professional Life Guard Huts.
05/17 Call for Rezoning Applications to be referred to Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel.

To retain Australia Day Ceremonies in former Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Council areas and increase Volunteer Awards.

  Proposed Boarding House at 22 Ramsay Street Residents DA2017/0844 (response).
  Planning Proposal application - 2 & 2A Orchard Street and 204 & 206 Garden Street Warriewood (response).
  Elanora Community Centre (response).
  Section 94 Funds in Warriewood Valley (response).

Questions and Notices of Motion to Warringah Council
  De Luca moves to stop Regan's forced Amalgamation.
  Regan moves to force Council Amalgamation.
  De Luca moves for reforms to Boarding House Policy.
  Warringah Council expenditure 2014/15.
  Warringah Council debate on Amalgamation.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 30/2014 - Expenditure on Matters before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 29/2014 - Council Expenditure on Workers Compensation Claims.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 28/2014 - Cost Of Staff Redundancies.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 27/2014 - Mountain Biking at Belrose Waste Site.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 26/2014 - Dee Why Town Centre Planning proposal.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 25/2014 - Oxford Falls Valley and Belrose North Strategic Review, Stage 1.
  Passing Of Warringah Community Leader Umberto Russo.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 24/2104 - Cost of bullying investigations.
  Response to Question On Notice No. 23/2104 - Bullying legal advice cost.

Response to Question On Notice No. 22/2104 - Staff bullying complaints.

  Allegations by Council Staff of bullying by other Council Staff
606/14 Site collapse - 19A FRAZER STREET COLLAROY and regulation of Private Certifiers.


604/14 Funding for Emerald Street, Narrabeen – curb and guttering.
  Height increases in Dee Why – Cobalt Development 701 Pittwater Road, Dee Why.
581/14 Tribute to Former Chair of WDAP, Mary Lynne Taylor and Community Representative Alan Linnell
580/14 National Summit on Drug Ice
555/14 Passing of Mrs Joy Lister, Foundation President Of Manly Warringah Netball Association
554/14 Report on 2014 National Suicide Prevention Conference

50th Anniversary of the 1st Collaroy Plateau Scout Group


* Cost of La Lune Event – Long Reef.   * Staff contribution to Mercedez CLK purchased by Warringah Council.   * Frequent Flyer Points gained on personal credit cards via Council expenditure.


512/14 Burdekin Association's Youth Homelessness Service


511/14 NOM 10/2014: Cubby House Toy Library
482/14 Bringa Womens' Refuge Dee Why.
481/14 Safety Concerns Warringah Road and Alfred Street, Narraweena.

* Purchase price of Mercedes CLK for a council staff member.   * Where was the Mercedes CLK purchased by Council from.   * Running / Maintenance costs of the Mercedes CLK.



* Mayor's private use of ratepayer funded Jaguar vehicle.
* Total amount of funds received to date from the Mayor for the private and personal use of the Jaguar.
* Purchase price of the Jaguar for use by Mayor.
* Luxury Car Tax Threshold.

  Notice Of Motion 2/2014
Call for Federal parliamentary enquiry into the use of Bitcoins to purchase illegal drugs online

Question on Notice No 11/2013
Cost to change all existing Council logos to the new "W" logo.


Question on Notice No 10/2013
Expenditure on advertising of the new Council website.

  Question on Notice No 9/2013
Expenditure on function on 28 June 2013 to present Council's new website.
  Question on Notice No 8/2013
Council business competing with local small businesses.
  Question on Notice No 7/2013
Proposed Kiosk - Dee Why Boat Shed Storage.Council Resolution adopting the Coastal Lands Plan of Management in 2002.


  Question on Notice No 6/2013
Proposed Kiosk - Dee Why Boat Shed
  Question on Notice No 5/2013
Outdoor Exercise equipment at Warringah Beaches and reserves.
  Question on Notice No 4/2013
Painting of rock pools in Warringah and marking of swimming lanes.
  Question on Notice No 3/2013
Lantana adjacent to car park above Dee Why rock pool.
  Question on Notice No 2/2013
Beacon Hill War Memorial community hall building works.
  Question on Notice No 1/2013
Signage and beautification works intersection Toronto Avenue and Fisher Road North Cromer

Australian National Car Parks Pty Ltd - management of Howard Ave, Dee Why Car Park and private car parks regulation


Notice of Motion No 2/2013 : passing of Mrs Isa Wye MBE OAM

  De Luca congratulates Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club on 100th Anniversary.
  De Luca congratulates Dee Why Ladies' Amateur Swimming Club on 90th Anniversary.
  De Luca congratulates North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club on 90th Anniversary.

Salary Reform For Council General Managers and Executives.

   * Traffic congestion and obstruction intersection of Pittwater and Fisher Roads * Continuing malfunctioning street lights Harbord and Abbott Roads * Installation of traffic lights and removal of parking outside Collaroy Cinema and shops
  Question on Notice No 3/2012
State of Building Adjacent to St David's Avenue Park, Dee Why
  Question on Notice No 2/2012
Illegal Car/Trailer/Boat Parking – Richmond Avenue, Dee Why
  Question on Notice No 1/2012
Illegal Dumping of Rubbish - Richmond Avenue, Dee Why and Surrounds
  Question on Notice 40/2011
Expenditure on Senior and Queens Counsel
  Question on Notice 39/2011
Staff Redundancies
  Question on Notice 38/2011
Frequent Flyer Points
  Question on Notice No 33/2011
Appointment of Solicitors/Barristers to Warringah Council's
Legal Panel
  Question on Notice No 32/2011
Expenditure on Defamation Advice from DLA Piper
  Notice of Motion No 59/2011
Public Submissions Opposing 6-8 Malcolm Street (DA2011/0952)
  Notice of Motion No 58/2011
Passing of Mrs Pam Hall - Co Founder Manly Warringah Netball (Previously Women’s Basketball) Association
  Notice of Motion No 50/2011
50th Anniversary Dee Why Ice Picks Swimming Club
  Notice of Motion No 47/2011
Council Credit Cards and Need for Independent Audit
  Question on Notice No 28/2011
Expenditure on Legal Advice - Sarah Pritchard
  Matter of Urgency - Surf Life Saving State Championships
  Notice of Motion No 44/2011
Mobile Phone Base Station, Cromer Road, Cromer
  Notice of Motion No 43/2011
DA2011/400, 2 Riverhill Avenue, Forestville
  Notice of Motion No 40/2011
Withdrawal of Proposed E3 Zoning from LEP 2009 from Oxford Falls, Belrose North, Cromer, Ingleside, Terry Hills and Frenchs Forest
  Question on Notice No 20/2011
Council Expenditure on IRC and Workers Compensation
  Question on Notice No 19/2011
Staff Terminations, ETP and Redundancies Payments
  Question on Notice No 18/2011
Staff Terminations, ETP and Redundancies
  Notice of Motion No 44/2011:
Mobile Phone Base Station, Cromer Road, Cromer.
  Notice of Motion No 43/2011:
DA2011/400, 2 Riverhill Avenue, Forestville.
  Notice of Motion No 40/2011:
Withdrawal of Proposed E3 Zoning from LEP 2009 from Oxford Falls, Belrose North, Cromer, Ingleside, Terry Hills and Frenchs Forest.
  Question on Notice No 17/2011
Tender Process for North Manly Tennis Courts
  Question on Notice No 16/2011
Expenditure on Council’s Social Media and Website
  Question on Notice No 15/2011
Delegation by General Manager of Code of Conduct Matters
  Question on Notice No 8/2011:
Funding for Council’s Social Media Program and Website.
  Motion of Urgency: Proposed Mobile Phone Base Station, Lot 2/Cromer Road, Cromer – DA2011/0668.
  Motion of Urgency: Call to repeal State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) Infrastructure Clause 114 – Telecommunication Towers.
  Notice of Motion: Sportsground closures.

Beacon Hill Road Traffic problems;
Brookvale Early Learning Centre – Safety barrier


School Signage on Schools.


Notice of Motion: State Affordable Housing Policy – DA for 22-24 Gladys Avenue, Frenchs Forest


Notice of Rescission Motion No 4/2010: Adoption of Strategic Community Plan Items I (c) and J (5) Item 9.7 - 22 June 2010; and
Notice of Motion No 41/2010 Parking Sticker Administration Options and Summer Parking Congestion Surveys Item 3.14 - 3 August 2010


Notice of Rescission Motion No 3/2010:
Review of the Internal Ombudsman Function.


Notice of Motion No 40/2010: Lease to Narrabeen Beach Surf Life Saving Club.


Notice of Motion No 30/2010: Reciprocal Parking Arrangements with Pittwater and Manly.

  Motion of Urgency - Council Mayoral Column and publications.

Community Section 355 Advisory Committees During Review;
Alcohol free Zone at St Davids Avenue Bus Stop, Dee Why;
Lighting around the tramshed and adjoining car park, Narrabeen.


Notice of Motion Narrabeen Beach Surf Life Saving Club - $300,000 Grant.

Asbestos on Lot 446 Joalah Road, Duffys Forest;
Harbord Seasiders Soccer Club.

Green Rubbish Bins.

Draft Strategic Community Engagement Framework;

  31/2009 Currawong;
Fines appeal process.

Proposed Lease Manly Small Bore Rifle Club -Passmore Reserve, Manly Vale;
Abolition of Staff Bonuses and reduction of Executive and Management Positions.


Motion Re-establishment of Alcohol Free Zones


Childcare Services in Warringah;
Noxious weeds, Huston Parade to North Curl Curl SLSC.

BP REF 68 High Rise Development in Warringah and Required Infrastructure;


Notice of Motion  - Maintenance of Parks and Reserves;
Dog walking and swimming areas in Warringah;
Procedures for Question Without Notice responses.


High rise development in Warringah and required infrastructure.

  New South Wales Environmental Defenders Office.
  Cultural events and facilities in Warringah.
Youth Homelessness and Mental Health.
  White Ribbon Day – Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention.

Amendments to Council Policy Gov-Pl 226 Advisory and Management Committees of the Council – Appointment of Organisation and Community Members.

5/2008 Equitable Access to Community Space for Unleashed Dog Walking and to Beaches for Swimming.
4/2008 Dee Why Civic Centre and Library Carpark.
3/2008 The Strand, Dee Why Beach.
  Development application for Harbord Diggers site.
  Speech by Councillor Vincent De Luca OAM
Extraordinary Council Meeting
1/2008 Notice of Motion No 1/2008
Draft Warringah LEP 2000 Amendment 1,
Dee Why Town Centre
  Council Education Regarding the Drug ICE.
  Dee Why Town Centre LEP.
  Breach of IHAP Charter by Warringah Council re Draft Dee Why Town Centre LEP and associated DAs.
  John Fisher Park – illegal use of lighting and water.
Request for Independent Public Hearing on proposed Dee Why Town Centre LEP Question.
  Friends of Warringah Public Meeting on Dee Why Town Centre proposal.
  Council lease fee increases for Surf Life Saving Clubs and Takings from Surf Clubs’ incomes.
  Council Cleaning of Dee Why Streets/Graffiti and Beautification Works.
  Eviction by Council of community groups from Dee Why Neighbourhood Centre.
  Expenditure on Dee Why Town Centre Advertising.
  Friends of Warringah Inc Public Meeting – Wednesday 6 February 2008 regarding proposed Dee Why Town Centre LEP and height increases to 20 storeys.
  Council handling of Draft Dee Why Town Centre LEP 2008 and Draft Standard Instrument LEP 2008.
  Community Consultation prior to Warringah LEP 2000.
  Lack of community consultation on proposal to increase height limits in Dee Why Town Centre.
  Determination of number of Councillors to constitute next Council.
  Strategy on Drugs and Alcohol.
  Illegal use of lights at John Fisher Park.
  Opposing proposal to increase height limits in Dee Why Town Centre to 20 storeys.
  Council Ward Boundaries.
  Drug Ice and Other Harmful Drugs.
  Passing of community volunteer Mr Hugh (Snowy) Huston.
  Murder of Gerard Flemming at the Tramshed Bus Stop, Narrabeen and community safety at Narrabeen.
  North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club – Quad Bike.
  Federal Government’s Tough on Drugs Policy – education about Drug ICE.
  Drug ICE and local education about drugs.
  Need for awareness campaign to stop Drink Spiking to facilitate sexual assaults.
  Status of Public Education Seminar on the Drug ICE.
  Childcare services and placements in Warringah.
  Need for Reform of the New South Wales Local Government Act 1993.
  Lighting of Sports Fields and Watering of Sports Fields and Parks.
  Request for public awareness campaign on Drug "ICE" - Crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride.
  Curl Curl Youth and Community Centre - installation of spot lights on the carpark.
  Painted lines in Dee Why Rock Pool for training.
  Removal of Noxtious Weeds in Surf Road, North Curl Curl Reserve.
  Proposal for developers to complete Statutory Declarations to ensure correct information in Development Applications.
  Painting lines in Dee Why rock pool for swimming training.
  Urban Villages.
  Homemakers Supa Centre.
  Proposed extended trading hours of President Hotel, Belrose.
  Perentie Road/Australand development.
  Homemakers Supa Centre Development.
  Breach of Council’s Procurement Guidelines.
  Proposed Oxford Falls Retirement Resort.
  Landscaping work and creation of spectator mounding (use of dredged materials from dredging Manly Lagoon) – Lawson and Abbott Roads, North Curl Curl.
  Seasons Best Wishes and the Year 2005 in Review.
Former Council Staff acting as representatives of developers and applicants.
Applicants for positions at Warringah Council - confirmation of qualifications and claims.
Curl Curl Lagoon Project.
Cost Blow out Curl Curl Lagoon Project
Opposition to proposed Naked Bathing at North Curl Curl and Dee Why beaches.
  Council’s Code of Conduct, Administrative Law Requirements and Reform of Local Government.
Youth Suicide Forum.
Lighting on Abbott Road and around Curl Curl Youth and Community Centre and Curl Curl Sports Centre.
Status Dredging of Manly Lagoon and storage of dredged materials at Reub Hudson Oval, North Curl Curl.
Request for more information in Development Applications to assist the community.
The Passing of Mr Pedro Lopez.
What is Council doing in regard to private certifiers that are not performing satisfactorily?
Private Certifiers.
Review of Community and Cultural Services Division.
  Storage of Contaminated Materials at Reub Hudson Oval.
  Drink Spiking Awareness Campaign.
Sale of land - Area of about 306.8 m2 being Lot 90 DP 1069152 and being formerly part of a Crown public road adjoining the premises known as No 16 Ellen Street, South Curl Curl.
Trees – Neighbour Disputes - NSW Law Reform Commission – Report 88– Neighbour and Neighbour Relations.
Development Application #2004-1181 Right of Way over properties 38 and 40 Lady Davidson Circuit, Forestville.
Awareness Campaign for Drink Spiking.
  Manly Lagoon dredging and proposed storage of dredged materials at North Curl Curl.
  Manly Lagoon Dredging and Storage of Materials at North Curl Curl.
  Disability Access to Warringah Council site.

Community Centre Strategy.

  Drink Spiking - Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault.

Dredging of materials from Manly Lagoon and storage of dredged materials at Reub Hudson Oval, North Curl Curl.


Development Consents – compliance with Conditions of Consent before compliance certificate issued.

  Darren Jones versus Warringah Council General Manager (Administrative Decisions Tribunal) – Council’s Costs.

Women in Management roles and Corporate Training and Development for Women.

  Childcare placements in Warringah.
  E-Service at the Council.
  Notification of Development Applications and information contained in notifications.
  Access to Development Application information outside working hours.
  Dredging of Manly Lagoon and Storage of 1500 cubic metres of Sediment at John Fisher Park North Curl Curl, Reub Hudson Oval.
  Private Certifiers and the Complaints Process.
  Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Quality of Construction) Act and Private Certifiers.
  SEPP 5 Developments in Warringah.
  SEPP 5 with Senior Living Policy.
  Request for Pecuniary Interest, Conflict of Interest and political donation legislation be expanded.
  Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention in Warringah.
  Request that Council make a submission to the Government to broaden the legislation to allow spending on community services.
  Childcare services in Warringah and request for funding to facilitate more placements and better services.
  Removal of playground facilities at land adjacent to North Curl Curl Women's Bowling Club and proposed sale of the land.
  Risk Assessment of development applications for proposals on sloping land.
  Development Application process in Warringah and assessment times.

International Womens Day, Women in senior management roles and corporate development and training of female employees at Warringah Council.

Security for users of Curl Curl Youth & Community Centre and John Fisher Park.

Fundings for community services in Warringah.
Traffic problems in The Esplanade, Narrabeen.
Child Care Waiting List in Warringah and request for funding to create more places.
Oaks Avenue, Dee Why – Unsafe Footpath.
Proposed Dredging of Curl Curl Lagoon.
Request for beautification works in Dee Why, Brookvale and Collaroy.
  Oaks Avenue, Dee Why – Unsafe Footpath.
  Street Cleaning – Dee Why and Brookvale.
  Traffic Problems – Carousel Close, Cromer.

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