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Vincent De Luca
Protecting Our Lifestyle -
Stop Overdevelopment

If you have any issue you would like to discuss or I can help you in any way, then please contact me:

Vincent De Luca
P.O. Box 2021
Dee Why NSW 2099
mob: 0427 218 553

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Vincent De Luca OAM
BA LLB Grad Dip Leg Prac

My priorities:
  • Council’s current management and Mayor have sought to cut services, remove the second parking sticker, sell community assets and put up rates and levies while increasing salaries of Council's highly paid executive and bureaucracy – I will change this.

  • I am committed to the better management of our Council through the removal of wasteful expenditure, reduction in the bloated senior executive and bureaucracy. I will stop this wastage and re-divert these funds to better services and infrastructure.  And ensure that Council does not take away the second car parking sticker, increase rates and sell of needed community assets.

  • Continue to be a strong and effective voice, to obtain better transport services, community services, infrastructure, and a safe and protected community and environment.

  • Continue to fight for better bus services to the City as well as services during the day for those that need to travel to Warringah Mall and Manly.

  • Continue to work with and help our youth and provide decent recreational facilities, particularly at night.

  • I will work to increase cleaning of central public areas, streets, parks, beaches and rock pools.  Council clean ups also need to be more regular on demand.

  • Through my lobbying of Council, I have already achieved more childcare placements and will seek to facilitate more places. 

  • Keep working with with pet owners and other stakeholders to ensure more public open space and appropriate areas for unleashed dog exercise.
  • Most importantly, I will consult with and listen to what the community wants and ensure transparency and integrity at Warringah Council.

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