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Selected letters and Media Releases.
  De Luca moves for Council support of charities, community and sporting organisations during corona pandemic.
  Northern Beaches Council CEO appointment.
  De Luca disgusted community gagged from Planning Meetings.
  Council faces inquiry call as developers sue for $78m over contract 'fiasco'.
  Bushfire risks of new suburb on Sydney's northern beaches worries residents.
  Feral Foxes.
  Amendments to Development Control Plans need thorough scrutiny.
  Another registered political party.
  De Luca moves to stop Regan's forced Amalgamation.
  Dee Why Town Centre Height Limits.
  Regan moves to force Council Amalgamation.
  Warringah Council expenditure 2014/15.
  Warringah to spend more on its campaign for one Council
  Council Amalgamation
  Turnbull to meet carriers
  Council Amalgamation
  Boat Shed - Response to G Kennedy's letter 10.6.15
  National Summit to combat the Drug Ice Epidemic.
  Belrose Waste Management Centre Future Use.


  Suicide still huge issue.


  Council’s Hire Policy met with resistance.
  Response from Waste Assets Management Corp: Belrose Waste Management Centre Future Use.
  Response from Jonathan O'Dea: Proposed Mountain Bike Facility - belrose Waste management Centre.
  Independent pricing and regulatory tribunal.
  Dee Why 15 storey tower rejected by Joint Regional Planning Panel.
  Congratulations Narrabeen Ladies’ Amateur Swimming Club on your 80 years.
  Push for Dee Why to go even higher.
  Ratepayers' Money spent on "Spin" and Administration.

Highrise could be low point: Residents upset at plans.

  De Luca moves for independent assessment of 15 storey Cobalt development in Dee Why.


  Re Council defends campaign spending.
  Council urged to let former logo flower again
  Why I voted against rates, fees and charges hike.
  New council website merely a PR stunt.
  Dee Why boat shed.

De Luca welcomes Government moves on Boat Trailer Parking.

  De Luca moves to make dangerous tree removal easier.

Political attacks continue on De Luca.

  Royal Commission into child sexual abuse.
  Proposed sale of Oaks Avenue Dee Why car park.

Millions of dollars expenditure but no community consultation.

  Removal of Warringah Council free parking stickers.
  Building Stalls.
  Report Graffiti.
  Dee Why Rock pool.
  Awning Hazzards in Dee Why.
  Ombudsman concerned about motivation behind complaints.

Code of Conduct complaint malicious and farcical.


Australian Press Council rules Manly Daily “unfair”, “inaccurate” and “unbalanced” against De Luca.

  Vincent De Luca OAM on Luke McIlveen and the Manly Daily's bias.

Regan backs half a million on Social Media but doubles sports players' levy.

  Narraweena rezoning.
  De Luca against sports fee hike.
  Community before business.
  Claims on Housing Mistaken.

Warringah Council calls on developer to withdraw affordable housing application.


Why 26 dwellings not sustainable for Epping Drive Frenchs Forest.

  Parking plan security risk, De Luca claims.
How people power forced Warringah Council to scrap its beach parking policy.
  Blow to mayor as beach sticker scheme narrowly overturned.
  $1M legal costs need review at Warringah
  Lease to Narrabeen Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  SHOROC Shaping Our Future Paper.
  Parking mayhem.
  Mayor Regan's two hats with Manly and Warringah Councils.
  "Council of War: Warringah and yet more strife".
  Grants opening.
  Midnight basketball.
  Fair allocation of funds.
  Response to Community assets not just for Eagles.
  The future of The Strand, Dee Why Beach.
  Police need to tackle Graffiti criminals.

Warringah Council votes to break the silence about child sexual assault.


Dee Why and Warringah icon Ted Jackson to be honoured.

  Call for Warringah Bus Stops to be Alcohol Free.
  Business signage in Warringah.
  Councillors want tower files access.
State Environmental Defenders Office to review Dee Why height increase.

Reciprocal Parking arrangements with Pittwater and Manly.


Have your say on tree disputes.

  Dee Why Carpark.
  What about Dee Why?
  Cr Kirsch made the right call.
  Come and help eliminate violence - White Ribbon Day.
  Proposed overdevelopment, Mundarra Plance, Narraween.
  De Luca continues to fight overdevelopment.
De Luca moves to stop Dee Why High Rise.
Warringah Council faces an over-development onslaught.

De Luca proposes purchasing land of Environmental Significance

Persson fears review of his decisions.
De Luca will not be intimidated.
De Luca to seek more Childcare places in Warringah.
Warringah Council is seeking to remove paid lifeguards off our beaches.
Dee Why Site A sell-off.
Vincent De Luca will stand for Mayor of Warringah and Councillor for “A” Ward.
IHAP Grills Developers over Dee Why High Rises.
Decision on John Fisher Park and Curl Curl Youth & Community Centre.
De Luca slams increases to Childcare fees in Warringah.
NSW Parliament Hansard, Questions on Notice regarding Warringah Council and Dick Perrson.
Curl Curl rejects demolishing Community Centre.
Death knell knocks for Dee Why. Administrator poised to pass 20 storeys.
IHAP members may not be approached on any matter.
Why did Council arrange private meeting?
NSW Parliament Hansard, Questions on Notice regarding Warringah Council and Dick Perrson.
Outrage over Council breaching its own rules.
No Public Hearing.
Over 900 residents say NO to 20 Storeys.
Public Meeting says No to 20 Storeys in Dee Why and the proposed Warringah LEP
Decision makers must remain impartial at all times.
Warringah needs people who will serve ALL areas of Warringah.
Call for Dick Persson to disqualify himself from determining DY Town Centre proposal.
Height limit in the Dee Why Town Centre.
Community education forum on the dangers of the drug Ice.
De Luca renews calls for education to stop Ice epidemic.
Illegal use of high-energy spot-lights at sporting facilities.
De Luca welcomes additional childcare places in Warringah.
De Luca calls for education to stop Ice epidemic.

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